Eniola Akinsunmi

Licensed Professional Counselor + IVF Support Coach

My story

Hello there!

My name is Eniola Akinsunmi (aka Enny) and I have been counseling individuals for 10+ years. My main approach is humanistic therapy; I believe individuals have the tools and answers needed to have a fulfilling life. I create a non-judgmental therapeutic atmosphere that fosters transparency and honesty. Throughout my years as a counselor I have had the pleasure of counseling individuals who need help with developing effective coping skills for their anxiety and depressive symptoms. I am also passionate about individuals who are going though bereavement and grief; no one should have to experience loss alone. Infertility is an area I am also passionate about because I have also experienced it.

Trauma is an area in counseling I have years of experience in as well. My non-judgmental atmosphere in the therapeutic relationship, my skills as a competent counselor, and my natural desire to help individuals can be assets for my client's healing process. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us vent about life stressors, and I am here for that.

I am also an IVF support coach ( I know you are thinking, "what is an IVF support coach?"). As an IVF support coach, I help and support women who are currently going through IVF; emotionally. I have experienced  the intense IVF process and through the journey I realized how important my emotions and mental health affected the overall experience. I wish I had someone to help me emotionally throughout my IVF cycles; I did not ask for help because I was embarrassed at that time. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and if you need someone who has been in your shoes before and could support you emotionally, you have found the right woman.


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I provide online therapy sessions (teletherapy). This is convenient for individuals who prefer to have a session in the privacy of their homes.

I'm here for you as you go through your IVF journey. Choose the right option that best suites your needs, whether it be wanting my support throughout the IVF/FET journey or for information.

A clarity call is a free 15 minute call with me to get more clarity on the services I offer.





I had a session with Eniola, that was intended to be a one time meeting. I end up going for eleven more sessions. Eniola has a great passion for her work and connects very well her patients.She's very patient,she's a great listener and works very well with her patients to get a positive outcome. I attended her group sessions and everyone who graduated out of the program said that their experience were positive.I highly recommend Eniola!